Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Why I do What I do... Teaching Workshops, Webinars, Bootcamps and more.

As you may have heard, I offer writer's workshops in different locations though my Literary Agency, Corvisiero Literacy Agency. An Agency that now has grown by grooming 10 very capable and wonderful agents and a full staff of more than 20 strong that share my vision and style. 

Who do my team and I do this? Basically we want to reach as many authors as possible with the entirely selfish goal of getting better queries and facilitating better work. lol I'm only partly joking...

I have been attending conferences for years. I've participated on panels, taken thousands of pitches, taught classes at these conferences, at other workshops, as well as online for writers associations and for Writers Digest. I've basically done everything from virtual workshops, webinars, tutorials, and bootcamps to full day workshops all over the USA, Canada, and wherever the internet let me. These amazing teaching experiences eventually led to me wanting to give more to authors. This was in part because I wanted to share more of what I know to help people proceed in the right direction, and in part, it was an inspiration out of necessity. 

Many times authors have come along shared about an experience they had that set them back, or tell me about some advice they received from another author, friend, or a supposed professional that let do unwanted results. More often than it should occur, the information is not only incorrect, but seriously misleading. So wrong in fact, that some bad information could seriously lead an author down the wrong path, resulting in a lot of wasted time and resources, and sometimes so damaging that it stops and otherwise discourages authors from ever getting published altogether. 

I want to stop that, or at least reduce these instances, by offering authors as much knowledge as I can share without actually being their literary agent. I do a lot of this consulting, coaching and sharing with my clients, but there aren't enough hours in the day for me to make a bigger impact on the industry and reach more people if I sign them all. And I'll be completely honest with you, many authors aren't ready for me to represent them yet. So the answer is consulting and teaching to get them ready for me and other agents so that we can all succeed. 

By offering my Workshops, I am able to educate, prepare, train and guide a lot more people who have the desire and potential to get published and to be amazing authors. I hope that if you are an aspiring author, one day I make my way to you... Or you make your way to me. ;)

Happy Learning

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