Sunday, September 3, 2017

Helping out in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

It has been difficult to watch the hardships our friends in Texas are enduring after they were devastatingly hit by Hurricane Harvey. A few years back we suffered similar circumstances after Hurricane Sandy flooded our streets and took many homes in the New York and New Jersey coast areas.

Being part of the suffering communities was in a way helpful to my nerves because I was able to lend a hand and give directly where I could see that help was needed, with food, water, and a clothing drive.

Now with Texas being so far away, I've been watching and thinking of different ways that I can help. I wish I had more money to donate. I wish it was easier to collect food and clothing to bring to people in need. I wish I had a boat and the time to go there and actually do something to physically help someone. There are many things that others can do that I might not be able to do, but that does not mean that I will sit idle and do nothing.

Yes, we can all pray, but I think that we should all do anything that we can to help in some small concrete way, even if it is enabling others to help by showing them how to donate money or services, by sharing information that enables others to help, or maybe doing something that motivates or incentives others to do something.

In chats with my team at Corvisiero Literary Agency we decided that we wanted to do all that we can as well. So in addition to donating, we offered to partner up with North Texas SCBWI to help raise funds. This chapter of the SCBWI is organizing an auction of services or items donated to raise money to help victims in the Huston, Texas, area. Please take a look at their Website and their Auction Site to see if there is anything there that would be of value to you and bid on it to help.

But we want to do more! 
In addition we, the Corvisiero Literary Agency are offering writers a 20% discount off the registration to any of our AuthorPreneur Workshops, a free Query Letter critique done by me, and a Pitch Appointment to pitch their work to an attending Literary Agent or Editor with the registration (value of up to $120) to anyone who donates money after reading this post to any of the following charities, or a good charity of their choice:

RULES for Discount:
Upon donation we ask that you email us a copy or picture of your donation receipt showing a minimum of $25 donation and a screen shot of two different social media posts sharing about their donation and registration to one of our workshops with a link to this post or the Workshops Page on our website, which lists all of this information and all of the available workshops for easy choices. E-mail the receipt and proof of the posts to to verify eligibility and apply the discount, or if you have questions.

We wholeheartedly hope that offering these services and discounts will help people decide to help out. and maybe even help those who are contributing. It can be a win win for everyone. So lets get together and lend a hand or give something!

Much like the butterfly effect, a part of the Chaos Theory that I usually discuss in my mindset workshops, a small token on our part may make a huge difference for someone in need miles away. That in itself is so very much worth it.

Happy Donating!

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