Writers Workshops

Author-Preneur Workshops are full day workshops for authors of all genres at all levels of their careers with the mindful goal of imparting writing, publishing industry, business, and mindset knowledge, while sharpening skills to attain success in the fastest possible period of time.

Huntsville, AL Full Day Writers Workshop by the Rockets
August 12, 2017

Red Bank, NJ Full Day Writers Workshop by the River
September 16, 2017

Tampa, FL Full Day Writers Workshop by the Gulf
October 7, 2017

​Billings, MT Full Day Writers Workshop by the Rolling Hills
​November 4, 2017

Upcoming Workshops
Charlotte, North Carolina
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Baltimore, Maryland
Washington DC
New Orleans, Louisiana
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Seattle, Washington
Toronto, Canada
Park City, Utah
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Napa Valley, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Frankfurt, Indiana
Indianapolis, Kentucky
Omaha, Nebraska
Siox City, Iowa

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Please e-mail us at workshops@corvisieroagency.com if you have any questions, have suggestions, or need assistance registering for any workshops or events hosted by Corvisiero Literary Agency.