Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Literary Agency...

By Marisa A. Corvisiero

After over two years with the L. Perkins agency, I'm very exited to announce that as of March 1, 2012 I will be opening the proverbial doors to the Corvisiero Literary Agency, LLC. My last few years have been an amazing learning and growing experience. I am grateful to Lori Perkins for the opportunity to work and learn from her and her team (Louise Fury and Saritza Hernandez). What started off as helping author friends submit their work, evolved into something I could have never imagined. I love being an agent, and I feel that these last years have really prepared me in way of skills, contacts, and knowledge of the industry to head my own agency. I'm happy to say that my Jr. Agents Jordy Albert and Brittany Booker will be joining me in this new endeavor.

We are all eager to make this the most successful and accessible agency! We will be working closely with Literary Powerhouse Consulting, my other baby, in order to also provide authors with services beyond agenting and beyond literary services to help them improve their skills, their work, and their careers!

As we get closer to March, I will be posting the new website address and submission guidelines. We are implementing a new electronic submission system that will help authors submit their queries online, and also see status updates simply by logging on! It's going to be an excellent tool for efficiency for the agency and it will help authors always know where they are in queue. There will be no more wondering if the query made it in, if it was declined, or when it is being read! Stay tuned for posts with more information.

For now, I will tell you that I will continue to represent most of the same work that I have been representing. I'm primarily looking for well drafted stories with a unique voice and well developed characters. The heat level of a romance, the action of a thriller, the explicitness of all may vary, but it has to fit an awesome plot. I love unique stories, especially in mixed genres. I will consider Romance, Thrillers, Adventure, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the same for Young Adults and Middle Grade readers. In non-fiction I enjoy out of box and high concept spiritual, self improvement, parenting, science, and pop-culture.

My Jr. Agents are currently in training and helping me with the submissions that are sent to me. When their status changes, I'll be sure to let you know. In the mean time, please don't submit anything until we make the announcement with the proper guidelines.

Thanks for reading. We hope to hear from you!