Thursday, December 29, 2011

Literary Powerhouse Consulting Website

Announcing the New Literary Powerhouse Consulting website at

Literary Powerhouse is pleased to offer a broad array of services across the continuum of writing and publishing!

From writing to printing or e-booking, publicity, finding an agent, self-publishing and distribution, Literary Powerhouse services span them all. One-on-one coaching and consultation with experts in your niche, plus the most current resources and how-to guidance at your fingertips, help make any task more efficient and effective.

This site provides a platform rich with multiple opportunities for interacting with peers and experts, seeking advice, and finding answers to questions at all stages of your book-related projects. It's also a place to share your own offerings with colleagues and peers. We invite you to participate in enhancing both the range and quality of services through ongoing feedback, ideas and innovative approaches! Join the discussions and forum to help us make this site as powerful as it can be. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Consulting Services include advice and coaching on the following:

And More!

Several new workshops are offered every month, so be sure to check out the schedule. Sign up information will be up soon!!

Also coming soon are our Interactive Forum and The LiTPOW PORTAL! I can't wait to share more on those and to see you there!! Email us for a consultation at

More information and updates will be posted periodically so stay tuned!!

Happy Surfing!

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