Sunday, February 28, 2010

Proper Introductions

This being my first entry to this blog, I’m excited to start by introducing my-self, not just because I’m being egocentric, but because by getting my name and thoughts out there, I’m hoping to be able to help writers find representation, learn about the industry and its emerging trends. In order to accomplish that, all a reader has to do is follow my blog. Who knows, a little quid pro quo can go a long way.

The short version of me is that I am an attorney, an author, and a literary agent, who not surprisingly loves to read and write. My reading tastes however are not limited to lengthy tomes of legal jargon. In fact, I am an avid reader of almost anything. If the content is useful, or there’s a good story, or if it is interesting in the way that it is written, then I do not discriminate. I know that’s a lot of qualifiers, but it’s true. An example of something I would never say I enjoy reading about is colonoscopies. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m talking about the art of conducting this intrusive test, to put it mildly, for the purpose of determining the health of one’s rectum and internal digestive organs, primarily the colon. However, I have recently read Dave Barry’s Column on the subject, and it was so well and cleverly written that in spite of the subject matter, I found my-self chuckling, agreeing, and reading it to the end. Kuddos to Dave Barry! And that is exactly what I’m talking about. Even though his was a column and not a book or novel, it’s still the perfect example. The prose and the point of view often trump the subject matter, albeit, not always.

I suppose that this may be a good time to tell everyone the type of submissions that I am currently accepting. In fiction, my passions are romance and cross genre romance; fantasy and non grotesque horror (good plot and well developed characters are the key, you will not woo me with blood and guts). I love everything vampires, especially sexy ones (who doesn’t, right?), supernatural, science fiction (hard science is awesome, but if you're a brilliant physicist make sure that there is more than a good scientific breakthrough or idea.) I also want thrillers, suspense, and quality chick lit. For anyone who is wondering what is my definition of ‘quality’... lets just say that I don't enjoy books written by wannabe socialites, or socialite has-beens, who ramble like mad people and expect to hold the reader's interest simply because they wrote the book, or because the book had a clever name. The second word in 'chick lit' stands for literature, and I expect just that. For non-fiction I like well done, helpful, and beautifully illustrated or photographed how-to books from wedding planning to bathroom remodeling. I am probably one of the few that will say that I'll consider almost anything about the legal practice and being a lawyer, from how to guides to tales about the practice; and I love a great memoir, if the journey is worth telling. I don’t think that I need to spell that one out.

Other things about me. I am easy going and formalities are inconsequential, but I do expect people to follow the basic rules and not waste my time. I work hard, and I take my job seriously. Therefore, I also expect writers to do the same. I am critical and at times may be too honest with my clients. I say it the way I see it, but I do also tell clients what they are doing right. I appreciate talent, and I’m never short on compliments. I’m sort of a hybrid between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. The good thing about this is that my clients always know how I really feel about their work, and it’s potential. I will not offer to represent anyone who I don’t think is marketable and has a marketable product. And if people think I’m tough, so be it. At least they will be happy when I offer to represent them.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, and you would like to submit your work for review, send me your query at with the first two chapters of your novel. Do not send me queries without a sample of your work. It will just cause more of a delay. Please include your name and the title of your book in the subject line.

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