Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The long awaited change to submission guidelines may or may not please my authors, but for the sake of fairness, practicality and to ensure that I keep my sanity, I have decided to make some substantial changes to my guidelines.

As you may already know I have been closed to unsolicited queries since the last week of November. If you have sent me a query after that, as my auto response surely already informed you, your query has not been reviewed and will not be considered. If you have sent me a query before November 24, and have not heard back from me at all, this unfortunately means that your query will no longer be considered.

HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE DECLINED. I had several issues with my infamous spam filter and have lost many queries. I have also received more queries in those last months than I could keep up with. This large volume of queries led me to put a hold on taking queries for a few months, and to bring in help so that I could catch up. With the assistance of my wonderful assistant (Gigi), Jr Agents (Brittany B. and Jordy), my intern (Brittany W.) and my friends (Doreen and JoAnn), we have made significant progress. Unfortunately, a good number of queries remain in my Query Box unanswered and time keeps ticking... I am afraid that I'm wasting our time (mine and yours) reviewing queries that may be stale. SO... In order to ensure that I'm only reviewing work that still needs representation, I have decided to start fresh. This means that if you have not received an answer to your submission you are hereby invited to resubmit your work starting SEPTEMBER 1, 2011.

If I responded to you requesting a synopsis and/or manuscript and you have not heard back yet, that means that your work is still being considered.


Starting September 1, 2011, I will reopen to submissions in the following genres only:
Fiction: Romance and cross genre romance, thrillers and adventure, paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, and the same genres (excluding romance) for Young Adult and Middle Grade.
Non Fiction: Spiritual, self-improvement, parenting, and science.

Please submit a well drafted query letter and your first 5 pages to me at marisa@lperkinsagency.com. You will receive a response from me within three months from the date of your submission. If you do not receive a response within six months, this will mean that the work is declined. I will try my best to respond to every query before that six month period expires. I don't like automatic declines, but feel that this may be the only way to make sure that I never fall behind again.

Thank you for your patience, your understanding and for the honor of reading your work!

Happy writing and happy submitting :)