Thursday, June 10, 2010

Call for Submissions!

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: An editor from a renowned publisher just told me that she is looking for middle-grade sci-fi chapter books for boys! If you have one, submit it to me at -- send a query letter, a full synopsis and your first chapter.

Please keep in mind that a middle-grade manuscript should be at 50,000 word count. Please submit only if your work is complete... and proofread, proofread, proofread. It must be impeccable and ready to be seen by the publishers.

I look forward to reading your work.

Thanks for reading!

Children's Books on the iPad

I've been told that the iPad is rocking the children's book world. In fact, the
best selling category of iPad apps is, by far, children's books! As an author, you need to be part of this. You need to be creating content for the iPad and you need to make your current books, not only available on audio, but iPad-compatible.

My client Debra Gersh Hernandez, author of "Sneaky Snackers" (art by Eric McDicken...soon to be in book stores near everyone), has been saying this all along. And I agree. I think that he iPad and similar technologies are not just a fad. They are the new modus operandai. I other words, they are here to stay. This technology will continue to develop and envelop us to a point of no return.

I already see it with my three year old twins. They love my iPhone. In fact, don't be surprised if you call me and one of them answers! My boys not only play with it, but know how to answer the phone, take pictures and flip the screen to find other applications of interest such as the "Light Saver". They team up, one with my iPhone and the other one with Louis' and they have pretend battles with the Star Wars music playing for effect as they swish and clonk each other and fall to the floor in mock agony. Yes, they are little terrors... but technologically inclined non the less.

They are not alone, however. Children now a days are subjected to all of this technology at an early age, and so it becomes like second nature to them. A friend that has a teenage son asked her why they still make kids use paper and pen to write with in school when clearly it is a skill that he will never use! She was so flabbergasted that she posted this on twitter.

The point is that as writers and members of the publishing industry we need to be aware of the medium in which we will be offering our work. This isn't a job solely for the publisher any longer. The high demand for the availability of our books in multimedia mediums has trickled down to us.

So be ready... and get iPadding!

...All this talk about the iPad and technology makes one wonder where will it all lead. With the iPad, applications, e-books, MP3s and audio books, what will happen to our good old fashion books? Will we still use paper 50 years from now? Or will books become obsolete?... I will leave that thought with you to ponder further.

Thanks for reading!