Friday, January 20, 2012

Introducing the LitPow PORTAL: A first look at what the Portal will offer to the Publishing Industry

For purposes of introducing you to the Portal, and to let you know what our goals with it are, I've decided to briefly tell you about it here. Please note that the Portal is due to launch soon and that it will launch is phases because it is so huge that we need to iron out all the wrinkles. We feel that introducing too many tools at once may just prove to be too overwhelming... This means that on a weekly basis, we intend to add new tools, resources, features, bells and whistles. So be sure to sign up early to take advantage of the early bird (or Early Adopters) prices.

So what is this "Portal" that I keep talking about? The LitPow Portal is your doorway to wonderful "PowerTools" designed especially with Writers, Editors, Agents and other literary industry member’s goals in mind. The Portal is fundamentally a closed universe social media network that is accessible only to Members. Through this multifunctional social media platform you can connect and meet friends and contacts, create or join private groups, chat, post and share posts to other social networks, invite your friends from anywhere, e-mail, upload and share photos, videos and files… essentially, you can do all of the things that you love to do with a social network. However, this network is only open exclusively to people who are, or wish to be connected to the Publishing World.

The PowerTools are tools that will enable you to find the right Publisher, Agent, Publicist, Printer, Editor, Contest, Conference, Job, Reviewer, Designer, Coach, etc. for your specific project; to track your submissions; to report and see publishing deals; to have your book critiqued; and so much more. The tools are programs that are loaded with a massive amount of resources and data that will put information, that typically takes hours if not months of research to gather, at your fingertips. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools you need for all of your literary projects, from words to dollars.

The PowerTools are the following:

LitPow Portal: The LitPow Social Network is our platform for introducing and providing access to the rest of the PowerTools. It is a Portal to the world of publishing.

PowerForum: Information and knowledge are power, so we offer you this interactive chat board where you can ask questions and post answers or comments on all related topics. We have publishers and agents on these boards chatting with authors on a daily basis. Get all of the information you need here!

LitPow Univeristy: Get your Literary Powerhouse Degree (LPHD) when you complete 10 PowerShops. These are workshops taught by our well qualified, incredibly talented, and skilled faculty. When you sign up and complete ten workshops classified as PowerShops, you will receive an LPHD Certificate signed by our founders.

Writer’s Life: This PowerTool is a project manager specifically designed to help you organize your projects. You pick the project that you wish to work on, post your goals, your tasks, your milestones, etc., and the program helps you keep track of your progress, and basically keep all of your ducks in a row. This tool allows you to invite other members to the project and assign them designated tasks that you can both keep track of and tackle jointly. This is great for joint writing and other projects, organizing events, critique groups, etc. There are a dozen special features here that will change your life!

SuperStar Agent: This PowerTool allows you to look up an agent’s profile and to find their location, contact info, website, find out if that agent is taking queries, how to submit to that agent, look up the agent’s track record and latest sales, etc… Here agents will have the option to edit their own profiles and keep them up to date all the time. Authors will have many features to enjoy, including the opportunity to tell us when they submit to the agent and how long it took to get a response. The information submitted here will be used to compile statistics to let you know what to expect from each agent.

RainMakers: This PowerTool allows you to report a publishing sale, or see which publishers and agents are making the deals. This tool is connected to our Publisher and Agent databases, so you can look up deals or report deals by genre and they will automatically show up when you click on the publisher’s or agent’s name on our site to see what deals they have made.

PowerCritiques: This PowerTool is a huge platform in itself. It allows authors to upload their work to receive constructive critisism and peer review. These reviews will create book rankings. It also serves as a place where books can begin to gain a following and possibly be discovered. You will have the ability to also create private critique groups. More details will be posted when the tool is launched.

PowerReviews: This PowerTool is a place to have your book reviewed by the experts. Every week we will feature a book that has achieved the highest ranking in the PowerCritiques PowerTool, and will occasionally feature independent reviews by professional reviewers.

SuperBlogger: This PowerTool is a blog building tool that will allow you to set up and promote a gorgeous and super functional blog through our site, that will be connected to our blogs network and streamed and shared anywhere. Special features will be added to allow Power Members to do blog tours. This will allow you to indicate when you are available to do a blog tour or if you are willing to take blog posts on your blog. The blog of course, will be accessible to anyone on the internet. We offer special packages for professional Author Websites.

PowerJobs: This PowerTool is a literary industry Job Board. Freelance, ghost, editing, publishing, agenting jobs, etc. are posted and streamed here for members only.

BestSeller: This PowerTool is an interactive to do list and timeline offered in conjunction with Coaching and to "Power Members" to guide authors on the road to becoming a Bestseller.


  1. Wow... This sounds pretty huge. Any idea what sort of pricing point we're looking at?

  2. Do you have a price list posted somewhere? This sounds like an awesome tool for writers!

  3. Love it Marisa!! I am so excited to see it up and running :)

  4. Er, wow. I feel I've just eaten a huge steak meal as my starter!
    So much info but I'm sure it will be a roaring success.
    Bring it on.

  5. This sounds like an amazing resource. The idea is long overdue. Kudos to you for bringing it to life.

  6. Wow! I can't wait. I'm also wondering about the pricing, but this may be on my 'must-do' list.

  7. Wow, this really sounds so exciting... Makes me want to actually right the novel I've always dreamt of writing....

    1. Darling, if you write a book, I'll sell it! ox Thanks for visiting.

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and kind words. Some made me laugh. Especially Gary's, which although funny, is very true. This thing is so hugh that it is difficult to swallow it into one sitting. That is exactly the reason why we are launching the Portal in phases. Each phase will be delicious meal to be savored, or at least a healthy snack ;)

  9. Marisa: Are you triplets? How else could you get all this done? This is a massive undertaking, one that will be productive and rewarding for all, once in place. Don't forget "massive". (I guess you need no reminding.)

    1. lol no but having two more of me around would be fun... and probably exhausting to listen to all of the ideas ;)

      I do have to admit that I am not doing this alone. I have a wonderful business partner named Jo Ann Kairys, and a the genius and technical knowhow of Erin Gilman. My Jr. Agents Jordy and Brittany Booker, our intern Samamantha, and our assistant Cheryl are also indispensable. I'm not dumb enough to do something this big without a brilliant team! ;)

  10. Marisa: Are you triplets? How else will you get this done? This is a massive project. Once done, it will reward everyone involved. Once done. Don't forget "massive". (I guess I don't have to remind you, Marisa.)

  11. Aloha Marisa,

    Good luck with *all* your new ventures, and I look forward to make your acquaintance during next month’s Southern California Writer’s Conference.

    (I've signed up for one of your Advanced Submission Critique sessions.)