Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LitPow PORTAL PowerLaunch: Launching the Portal in Phases and Pricing

Announcing the LitPow Portal PowerLaunch. We are starting our registrations for the Portal tomorrow, Thursday Jan 26, 2012 with Forum Members, and will be open to the general public next Wednesday, February 1st, 2012.

On my last blog post I described the LitPow Portal as your go-to resource for all your literary needs, both now and in the future. And explained that we want to be the safe harbour where your craft can get refuelled, refreshed and prepared for wherever your writing takes you.* In other words, the only website that you'll ever need.

Such a huge endeavor would be a bit too much to launch all at paraphrase Gary's comment to that introductory post, it would be like swallowing a very heavy meal. We all know that heavy meals can be uncomfortable and cause indigestion, and that is certainly not our goal. This is partly the reason why we are introducing the LitPow Portal in phases. Each phase will be a delicious meal of its own, or at least a healthy snack. Each one providing you with more tools to fuel you on your quest to becoming a best selling author.

We are Launching the first Phase of the LitPow Portal to Forum Members at special rates. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for participating in the forum!

This week we are also opening registration to the Literary Powerhouse Workshops. You do not have to be a Member of the Portal to sign up to the Workshops, but Members of the Portal receive discounts.

This initial phase of the Portal will include the Social Media PowerTool with all of the bells and whistles, chatting, groups, and sharing capabilities, etc.; the PowerOrganizer PowerTool (previously listed as Writer's Life); and the SupperBlogger PowerTool. See my earlier post for all PowerTool descriptions, and note that there will be EVEN MORE to follow.

By now you're probably wondering, "Just how much will this wonderful life changing tool cost me?"... Well, the answer is less than the membership to one of the sites that currently offers a part of only one of our PowerTools.

I know, that's a big tease, and you want to know more now. So here goes...

LITERARY MEMBERS will pay $20 per month. But get TWO FREE Months when they sign up for a full year. These members also get a 10% discount for all workshops, plus special offers.

However, we will have two Early Adopter specials, that hopefully you won't be able to resist! And honestly, you shouldn't! :)

First, as Early Adopters, for a limited time after our PowerLaunch, you will get the Literary Membership at $5.00 per month fixed for 6 MONTHS!! AND, if you are signed up to the LitPow FORUM before February 1st, 2012 you will also receive 1 FREE MONTH if you sign up for 6 months. Everyone gets an additional FREE MONTH with a yearly membership.

Second, every time you get TWO FRIENDS to sign up for a year, you will get yet one more MONTH FREE on top of whatever membership you signed up for!

Next we have an Upgraded Membership which we call POWER MEMBERSHIP. These PowerMembers get all of the benefits of the Literary Membership, plus access to exclusive PowerTools, %50 Discount on all workshops AND exclusive offers (free workshops, PowerMember's only workshops, etc.), 15% discount on Website building, AND 1 Hour of Literary Powerhouse Consulting services. This yearly membership is valued at over $2775, and we are offering it for just $800. However, for a limited time, you can become a PowerMember for Only $500 for your first year!

Now, I know that many of us have been affected in some way by difficult economic times. And I know that most writers don't make a lot of money, YET. This is why we have put together all the special discounts that I've mentioned.

The first and foremost reason why I started consulting is to help authors and make a difference in the industry. Putting this Portal together helps me accomplish that. For ME giving back on FaceBook and attending conferences isn't enough. The industry is changing quickly and there is a lack of available information and uniformity out there. Information is difficult or time consuming to find, scattered, and often inaccurate or based on biased opinion. I want to change that.

I want to make it easy for authors to gather all of the information that they need, so that they can focus on what they do best and what they love to do...writing!

These memberships will become more and more valuable as the network grows, and because of all the things that will be added almost on a weekly basis. I would urge everyone to take advantage of the Early Adopters' specials and unbeatable offers, and lock in at these great prices!

I would like you to think as joining the Portal as becoming a Member of an exclusive community with your same needs and goals, and your interest at heart. It is an investment not just in your career as an author, but in your life... because succeeding as an author will change your life.

Even if you are writing simply because you love it, and not for recognition or financial gain, I know that you'd want your work to be the best that it can be. Most of us thrive when our work is read and enjoyed. Through this Portal, and our consulting services, Literary Powerhouse can show you how to get your work ready for submission, for massive sales and readership... and we will help you get those sales!

Taking the first step to join the LitPow Portal will bring you a few steps closer to becoming that Best Selling Author. We hope you join us!

Here's to your success!

* A special thanks to Joan I. Kendall. for the fitting language ;)

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