Tuesday, September 5, 2017

...More on Helping Texas

This post is a continuation to my last post about Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. 
One of our beloved authors, Sienna Snow, who lives in Texas is personally collecting gift cards to take to the families in Friendswood. These gift cards are to help purchase basics, like underwear, hygiene goods, and food. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please email Sienna Snow at author@siennasnow.com and she will give you instructions. Gift card should be for places like Walmart, Target, HEB, Kroger, etc. 
Donate to Friendswood - This is a Facebook page created to help the families in Friendswood directly. It is a collection of gofundme.com, Amazon wish lists, youcaring.com pages. These are family specific listings. Many of the families we know personally, and they had to leave their homes in a matter of minutes with only the clothes on their backs.
Sienna, like so many victims of this hurricane and the floods in Huston and nearby areas, is experiencing the devastation first hand and has learned a lot of useful information, some of which I found imperative to share... apparently many organizations give less than 15% of your donations to relief efforts. So be careful!! 
Listed below are organizations, charities, and funds where 100% OF YOUR DONATIONS will go to the families and communities that were devastated by Harvey. 
This is the direct link to Sienna's home church’s efforts to help the victims of the storm

Please help. There are so many people in need! 

Just to reiterate, and if you need an incentive, the Corvisiero Literary Agency is giving a 20% Discount on registration to any of our Workshops 
(even a future event if we don't have one set up near you yet- just email us for info at workshops@corvisieroagency.com) with a query letter critique by me, and a pitch appointment to pitch your work to any agent or editor in attendance at the chosen workshop. We offer this to any author who donates more than $25 to a good charity for this cause after seeing my posts. See Rules in prior post

Lets also pray for our friends in Puerto Rico and Florida who are in direct path of Hurricane Irma (now a catastrophic category 5 hurricane) and hope that the storm dedicates or changes path. 

Be kind my friends!
~ Marisa

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