Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcoming Pearls of Wisdom Tour: Authors

Some of my brilliant colleagues somehow magically find the time to do weekly, sometimes daily, posts on their blogs, and newsletters for their clients. This amazes me greatly. I don't know what kind of weird magic they are conjuring up in order to alter space and time.

I often go through my day chasing my head (figuratively speaking of course), and as I get my work done and things pop up, I think to myself, I should Tweet that, or I need to share that with my friends on Facebook, or that would make a fantastic blog post, and yes... I constantly think of good book titles. I have a lengthy list of book titles that I hope one day someone writes a book for... ;)

Anyway, my point in all of this is that I wish I could find that magical spell, or even a time machine, so that I could share with you more of my thoughts (God help you all), ideas, everyday news and shenanigans, developments, and gossip (even though I never gossip ;)). And so these thoughts nagging me to give you More (anyone thinking 50 Shades of Gray right now?) have led me to the realization that I haven't had any guests on my blog in a long time.

So I decided to invite some of my favorite and very current authors to share their pearls of wisdom with all of us in a mini Guest Tour. In fact I think that I may actually call it The Pearls of Wisdom Tour!

Of course, I have issues doing anything small... so the mini tour has turned into a 17 guest tour (as of now). Starting Monday March 11th, I will be sharing posts from the following A List Authors:
  1. Cora Carmack, Best Selling author of Losing It and Faking It (New Adult)
  2. Jay Crownover, Best Selling author of Rule (Romance)
  3. J.A. Dennam, author of Truth and Humility (Romance)
  4. Sascha Illyvich, author of The Playground and many other wonders (Romance/Erotica)
  5. Nicole and Michelle Izmaylov, multi talented sister duo (YA Science Fiction)
  6. Gwen Jones, Professor and author of Wanted: Wife (Romance)
  7. Darin Kennedy, MD and author of The Pawn's Gambit (Fantasy)
  8. Michelle Leighton, Best Selling author of the Bad Boys series (Romance/NA)
  9. J.L. Mac, Best Selling author of Wreck Me (Romance)
  10. JB McGee, Best Selling author, of the This series (Romance)
  11. Monica Murphy, Best Selling author One Week Girlfriend (Women's Fiction)
  12. Erin Noelle, Best Selling author of Metamorphosis, in the Book Boyfriend Series (New Adult)
  13. Dean Sault, author of upcoming Jihad (Thriller) and Maker of Angels (Western Romance)
  14. Emily Snow, Best Selling author of the Devoured series (New Adult)
  15. Ryk E. Spoor author of Phoenix Rising (Fantasy)
  16. Jessica Therrien, Best Selling author of Oppression in the Children of the Gods series (YA Paranormal)
  17. K. A. Tucker, Best Selling author of Ten Tiny Breaths and One Tiny Lie (New Adult)
That's the alphabetical list as of now. As we finalize the schedule I'll be posting the order in which they will guest star. They will be discussing everything from their books, their writing process, the industry, to books they love.

I do hope that you read their posts. These clever authors, each very successful in their own right, have a wealth of information to share... Don't miss out! 

Happy learning!


  1. I always like guest blogging. I think it's something that helps foster the ideal of an online "community."

  2. Great blog, thank you for sharing!