Thursday, March 14, 2013


We have decided to add a couple of more authors to our initial lineup. So here is a new list of our A List and a tentative schedule of when each Guest Author will be featured.

I hope that you are enjoying our guest author posts so far and perhaps even learning something in the process. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and comments for each of them. All questions will be answered!

March 11       J.A. Dennam, author of Truth and Humility (Romantic Suspense)
March 12        Jay Crownover, Best Selling author of Rule (Romance)
March 13        Jessica Therrien, Best Selling author of Oppression (YA)
March 14/15   Nicole and Michelle Izmaylov, multi talented sister duo (YA, SciFi)
March 18        J. Sterling, Best Selling author of The Perfect Game (Romance)
March 19        Erin Noelle, Best Selling author of Metamorphosis (NA)
March 20        Sascha Illyvich, author of The Playground (Romance/Erotica)
March 21        Linda Parisi, author of Damned if You Don't (Romantic Suspense)
March 22        Gwen Jones, Professor and author of Wanted: Wife (Romance)
March 25        Darin Kennedy, MD and author of The Pawn's Gambit (Fantasy)
March 26        Michelle Leighton, Best Selling author of the Bad Boys series (NA)
March 27        J.L. Mac, Best Selling author of Wreck Me (Romance)
March 28        JB McGee, Best Selling author, of the This series (Romance)
March 29        Monica Murphy, Best Selling author One Week Girlfriend (WF)
April 1             Dean Sault, author of Jihad (Thriller) & Maker of Angels (Western)
April 2             Emily Snow, Best Selling author of the Devoured series (NA)
April 3             Ryk E. Spoor author of Phoenix Rising (Fantasy)
April 4             K. A. Tucker, Best Selling author of Ten Tiny Breaths (NA)
April 5             Cora Carmack, Best Selling author of Losing It and Faking It (NA)

Also, I think that it would be a great idea to also host a Pearls of Wisdom Tour for Agents and Editors. I'll be working on that lineup soon. Stay tuned. ;)

Happy writing my friends! 


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