Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old Cliches Die Hard

We had a terrific Cliche Twitter party today. It was an impromptu thing that caught my fancy, and then I couldn't pull away from. If you go to the #cliche hashtag, you can see all of the posts. We ended up having complete discussions using only cliches. It was honestly the most fun I had on twitter. I had to keep myself from responding with 'lol' and instead of sharing a cliched response. I'm sure that we'll do this one again. Next time I'll get my entire team involved, and hopefully you can join us too.

As far as cliches go though, I have to warn authors to stay away from them. I've always felt that those that know a lot of cliches are well versed in our language and its idioms. I do however believe that it shows a whole other level to your skill if you can take a cliche and or expression and come up with your own clever words to get that same point across. I think that that makes for good and stimulating story telling.

Creativity, not just in characters, setting, and plot, but also in the way that you express yourself goes a long way. Who knows, maybe your innovative phrase will one day become a cliche too... no sense in dreaming small!

Happy Creating!