Tuesday, October 14, 2014

THE FOUR CONTEST: Get your Manuscript Critiqued by a Literary Agent

This morning I realized that my Twitter account has almost 4 thousand followers, and I started thinking about how many awesome people I have met on social media whom ended up being clients.

So I decided to run a small contest for authors to try to connect with some more terrific people, and to give a little something back. No I'm not offering anything relating to Four, the handsome hero from Divergent... and even if I had him, I'd be keeping him to myself.

I am offering to read someone's completed and unpublished manuscript, to which I will provide my assessment critique with a literary agent's eye toward publication. This will be a written analysis of what works and what doesn't work in your novel so far, and will provide some tips that in my opinion would make the story work better and be more marketable. 

I'm never short on comments and opinions, so it will be like a mini consultation...for free of course. 

To Enter the Contest, all you need to do is:
  1. Like My Facebook Page
  2. Like our Facebook Agency Page
  3. Follow me on Twitter at @mcorvisiero
  4. Follow us on Twitter at @Corvisierolit
Once you've done all 4, e-mail me a brief one paragraph description of your novel at contest@corvisieroagency.com before Friday 10/17 12:00pm EST. Subject line: CONTEST ENTRY!

I will then randomly choose 4 people, and from those 4 I will pick the 1 manuscript that sounds the most interesting to me... After all, I have to have fun too. ;) I hope to hear from you! 

Happy submitting, and good luck! 

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