Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#TEAMCORVISIERO Going Strong: New Jr. Literary Agent & More Great Things.

I'm going to start this blog by gushing a bit.

I love my job and what I do, but I have to say that I love my co-workers just as much. We are like a family and support system of brilliant and hard working people. I've had good people at the agency before, and some, like Saritza Hernandez that have been with me from almost the beginning and continue to be superstars.
However, I think that my current staff is the best I've ever had. We are closer and stronger than ever and I can't say enough good things about everyone.

I have been getting Thank You cards at the office from authors that have participated in workshops, listened to us speak on panels, or queried us and were so grateful for the thoughtful and helpful responses that our interns and apprentices have shared with them, even when declining their work. That in itself says a whole lot! Especially when there are
agencies that don't even respond to queries if they aren't interested in the work. Ok granted, we usually take a while to respond... but we do our best for everyone.

Among our recent accomplishments are the #1 Agency rating on Publisher's Market place on several digital categories and good rankings overall. I couldn't have accomplished this without Saritza and Sarah Negovetich. Thank you ladies!

Several of our clients have received new publishing deals and hit best seller lists. Our Jr. Agent Cate Heart has received her first offers for publication. And my Apprentice Ella Kennen and I accepted a wonderful deal for our client Stephen Bohls's middle grade adventure novel, details for which will soon be announced.

Due to Ella's superb ability to spot talent, her dedication and hard work, and her continuous awesome all-out attitude, I have decided to promote Ella to our newest Jr. Literary Agent at the Agency. Ella is currently building her list and accepting queries. You can submit your work to her following our Agency Submission Guidelines, if your work is a good match for what she is looking for.

Congratulations to Ella, our full staff and our authors... go #teamcorvisiero! Here's to many more happy successes.


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