Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So Many Changes Coming Up!

In light of the fact that I'm already over 1000 unsolicited queries backlogged, that I would like to finish submitting all of my current projects by the end of the year, and that we intend to launch the new LITERARY POWERHOUSE PORTAL in February, I have decided to suspend queries for a couple of months. Please stay tuned for the re-open announcement and changes to guidelines.

Please note that postings on this blog are managed by me directly and that the most recent and accurate information can only be found here. The L. Perkins Agency website is not managed by me, so it may not have the most current information. Please return here for updates!

Thanks for staying tuned!



  1. Will do! Hope you get caught up :)

  2. I sent you a query September 1 and have yet to hear from you. Is there anyway to check and make sure you got it. The first one I sent you last year got stuck in your spam filter and I fear that the same may have happened to this one.

    Christina Weigand
    Palace of Twelve Pillars

  3. Aww, dang it. I was getting ready to query you again. Heh. Oh well, next time. :)

  4. Excited to hear what Literary Powerhouse Portal is all about!!

  5. Only 1000? I figured you'd be in the millions after almost 3 months. ;) Good luck with the Portal!

  6. Thanks for letting us know, Marisa! I won't have something for a couple months, anyway! Good luck getting caught up.

  7. I sent a submittal again per your request. Thank you.

  8. Charley, yes, over 1k backlogged. I have been sending out responses and made some ms requests. Just can't seem to keep up with all that's going on, plus the holidays coming up.

    Christina, Thanks.

    Tory, I've been waiting for yours. Send it when you're ready :)

    Someone had mentioned somewhere that they sent me something on Sept 1st. Just to let you know I have responded to everything sent on Sept 1st. So if you didn't hear back that means that I didn't get it. So sorry. Please resubmit when I re-open.

  9. You have?? Oh. Umm, will do that shortly then. Didn't realize that, sorry.

  10. Alas, sigh, rats, and perhaps darn, as well. I'm among those who sent a query in the morning of 9/1 when you re-opened, and never heard anything back. Stupid internet. Thanks for letting us know it was lost, and not a "no," so we can try again another time!

  11. Carlsberg don't do Literary Agents, but if they did, they'd be like Marisa Corvisiero.

    Carlsberg, probably the best lager in the world.
    (Hope you know this TV ad in USA).

    Just want to say thanks Marisa for your honesty as an agent.

    Gary Sweeney - Some Time In New York (Submitted in mid-September).

  12. Thanks for letting us know what your going through. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting projects underway. Will those of us, who sent queries prior to your post, receive a response?

  13. Hi Marisa - I submitted to you on Sept 14 and have not heard from you, so just wanted to be sure (like Christina above) that you had received it and that it hadn't landed in spam or ended up in cyberspace somewhere?


    Margaret Bail
    Faerie Fate

  14. To answer the two questions about submissions, I have not finished September yet. I've been working on projects and submitting things for existing clients and since there have been so many queries in the last two months, I've had to close submissions until further notice. So hang in there please. :)