Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Call for Submissions in YA

Quick note to tell everyone out there that I am seeking YA Vampire and Angels submissions. An Editor friend at a reputable NYC Publishing house has specifically asked me to find them a great Young Adult Vampire or Fallen Angel novel. So if you have one, send it in now!

There are several things to be reported on the home front. First and foremost, I would like to thank all of those wonderful writers out there that have queried me thus far. There are so many of you talented authors that I can barely keep up. If you have not heard back from me, please be patient. I will get to your query and I will respond one way or another. It takes a while but I carefully review each and everyone of them. If I requested your manuscript, you will get a confirmation letter of receipt within a week or so and again, please give me plenty of time to read it. I will write to you, or call you and tell you exactly what I think...good or bad. Just hang in there.

If you have not sent me your query yet, please feel free to send it. Sooner or later I will get to everyone's and if you're the next best seller, I want to represent you! All agents are busy. Some of us have more experience than others, but there are benefits and drawbacks to both. I'm not going to spell those out here...perhaps in another post. But don't dismiss anyone who you think may be a good fit for you in personality and interest. If they like and get your work give them a shot.

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